Utrip Homepage

Create a new experience for the Utrip.com homepage, including revised navigation, added functionality, and a lighter, cleaner interface.



Revise the entire Utrip.com experience, with focus beginning on the Utrip homepage, global navigation, and user interface style.

The existing Utrip interface was in need of an updated look. I was tasked with revising the entire Utrip style guide, including new fonts and layouts. The goal was to give the site a cleaner, more modern, and ultimately more accessible look and feel.

In addition to improving the interface, I also addressed several areas of concern regarding the old/existing site that were unearthed through user research and interviews:

  1. Users were unaware where "Favorited" items were being stored and managed.
  2. The processes for signing up (creating an account) and logging into an existing account were confusing some of the users. 
  3. The homepage looks the same to both new users and return users. Utrip provides a customizable service, but the site and its' content remained the same whether the user had interacted with the site before or not.

After conducting interviews and studying the research, we chose to re-design the Utrip homepage. Below you will see images of the old design compared with the new.

There are many differences between the two versions, but there were a few main focuses:

  • Clearer and more consistent typography.
  • Revised global navigation menu to give users easy access to the information they seek. For example, our research showed that users wanted more direct access to 'Favorites,' so we made that part of the global navigation.
  • An interface that communicates, through text, imagery, and design, better with the user.





Another goal of the re-design was to allow users to engage more with browsing the Utrip destinations.

I re-designed the destinations drop down menu, and incorporate imagery and iconography to allow faster recognition and wayfinding.



I re-designed the log in / sign up experience to fit the new brand style of Utrip. The modals I designed were smaller in scale than the old modal, and sought to make the log in / sign up experience as simple and transparent as possible.

I used color to signify focus state, acceptable or unacceptable credentials, and allowed the user to connect with Facebook.